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Privacy policy

Our privacy and policy-

Welcome you to Profession Pharma, we understand the value of your privacy. That’s why we create a privacy policy for you.  This blogs privacy and policies are open to all and transparent. These are as follows-

  • This blog is about Profession Pharma, here you can share your research article, content and pharma related creativity to this blog.
  • When you want to publish your research article, content and pharma related creativity to this blog, then we will put our signature which is Profession Pharma, in favour of you.
  • We will not collect, access, and store or publish your personal data under any circumstances unless you give authorization for that. Your authorization includes when you want to publish your content with us.
    • All content of Profession Pharma is copy © righted with us without our permission you can’t use our content for any kind of business activity.
    • Followers can use any type of article which is not in copy write formats.
    •  Anyone can get a copy write material after getting permission through copyright form.
    • A person who is using the material from the blog with or without copyright form should be mentioned as a reference.
    • Copyright material can't use without our permission.
    • Not a single person comment or used the site without permission.
    • Anyone can't use the blog for commercial as well as for political purpose without permission.

      The privacy policy can change if there is a requirement for correction, improvement or addition.  You are requested to check it from time to time.

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