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The scope of Pharmacognosy

The scope of Pharmacognosy

Dr. Pragati Kumar, Associate Professor, NIMS Institute of Pharmacy, Jaipur, Rajasthan

The scope of Pharmacognosy

Something about Pharmacognosy

   Nature has a miracle, it needs to proper scientifically implementation. Pharmacognosy is a study of the meditative medication derived from plants or different natural sources. Healing with these medicinal plants is as for as humankind itself. Herbal medicines as the major remedy in the ancient system of medicine are employed in medical practices since antiquity.

Modern Pharmacognosy involves the broad study of natural product from different sources along with plants, bacteria, fungi, and marine organisms.

Pharmacognosy, which accurately means that finding out medications of natural sources, has been a district of medical arts and sciences since mankind initiate to treat sicknesses.

To induce an accurate perspective regarding this science that deals with plant-animal, mineral and different natural medications, it's very useful to research the historical aspects of this science and to acknowledge the pioneers of this field.

Last fifty years there is a lot of improvement in Pharmacognosy field, botany and chemistry knowledge are mixed together, that means a technological transformation occurs.

However, the last two hundred years witnessed a substantial transformation at intervals the principles and practices of Pharmacognosy and it's recently become an important part in pharmaceutical science as modern multidisciplinary and technologically advanced. Pharmacognosy at this modern age is the study of medicine from nature and their purity, potency, consistency and also their safety and efficacy in a systematic manner.

Moreover, most of the current day's drug discoveries are progressively adopting for mainly focus on to extend results and to handle safety issues. Thus,

•    Clinical Pharmacognosy,
•    Industrial Pharmacognosy
•    Analytical Pharmacognosy

are specially designed branches of pharmacognosy for the advancement of modern Pharmacognosy.

The scope of Pharmacognosy

In different departments of pharmaceutical science, Pharmacognosy has an important role. From Pharmacognosy we can gain knowledge of vegetable drugs, on the other hand, it provides knowledge of animal drugs under Zoology. It additionally includes-

•    Plant pathology
•    Plant Taxonomy
•    Plant breeding
•    Plant genetics

These are important knowledge for both medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation method.

Nowadays Phytochemistry has undergone significant improvements. This includes a variety of substances that are accumulated by plants and synthesized by plants. In the advancement of technologies, Pharmacognosy contributes

•    cultivation,
•    purification process,
•    and identification (characterization) of drugs from nature.

It is a vital link between Pharmacognosy and Medicinal chemistry

The scope of Pharmacognosy

Nature has abundant mystery, there are lots of phytochemicals are available in nature as medicine. But some time nature supply is limited, that’s why Medicinal chemistry always got inspire from Pharmacognosy regarding the structure of a natural drug.

Pharmacognosy makes a bridge between modern pharmaceutical science and Ayurvedic as well as Allopathic and other traditional medicine. Pharmacognosy says about only active principle present in a crude drug and the dispensing, formulating and manufacturing of its dosage forms.

Pharmacognosy can be used as a research tool in case of new drug discovery and new drug delivery systems for the improvement of health care systems all over the world which will be a great scope in pharmacognosy.

After all, this is very simple things that, this subject is based on nature and natural plants and substances with our traditional knowledge, this is very very interesting and nice subject. So, you can go for it in that case, when only you are passionate about this subject.

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