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India's First Registered Pharmacist

India's First Registered Pharmacist

India's First Registered Pharmacist

Who is India's first registered Pharmacist? This is a most important and also most mysterious question. This is also a mystery to us. We have search through search engine for solving this question but we don't get any satisfied result. Though there is a name coming in result but we have any evidence against this name:
That name is Prof. Mahadeva Lal Sacroff. Though he is called by the Father of Indian pharmacy education.He is a multi talented person, he build the backbone of Pharmacy education in India at BHU (Benaras Hindu University).

Further our quarry, we have placed this question into our official Facebook page, i.e. Profession Pharma. But also there is no satisfying answer from there.

RTI related to this matter

Finally we decided to know this information through RTI Act. ( Right to Information ) firstly we request for this answer to Cabinet Secretariat of government of India. After some they mail us that they send our quarry to specific department.

India's First Registered Pharmacist
Application to Cabinet Secretariat

After a long waiting we got a letter from PC (Pharmacy Council of India) and they finally inform us that they have no such information about this.
India's First Registered Pharmacist
Reply from PCI

How strange reply from PCI ( Pharmacy Council of India ), no such data available in their database.....how this is possible?? That is why as a conclusion of the controversial topic is not clear to us till now. 

Though some where it is demand that Professor Harkishan Singh is the first Indian register Pharmacist. He was born 25th November 1928 and he completed his B. Pharm in 1950 from Punjab University. That means in that time after completion of B. Pharm, he became a Pharmacist. But till now there is no such written evidence to us to proof that he is the first Indian register Pharmacist.

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