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Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy Profession

Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy Profession

Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy Profession
     At first, we should know that what is PHARMACY? Pharmacy is the art and science of compounding & dispensing drugs or preparing suitable dosage form for administration of drugs to man and animals. This is such a fantastic profession where Health science and Chemical science are combined together and the ultimate aim is the use of pharmaceutical drugs in a safe and effective way. Cosmos and Damien are regarded as saints of Pharmacy and Medicine they represent the closeness in between medicine and pharmacy. Worlds third largest profession is now comprised by the Pharmacist, In the last 10 years, this profession and its work-related activity are steadily evolving in our India. Job satisfaction and quality of work of this Pharma Profession are also increasing day by day. The pharmacist with PharmD or M.Pharm can serve as a vital source of drug information or polypharmacy for the physician, nurses, other healthcare professionals and also patients. The only professional who can help in the reduction of drug-related problems and drug interactions, providing cost-effective therapy and determining drug-related effects in human beings.

Scope & opportunity in the profession of Pharmacy

Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy ProfessionWith the development of specific and potent synthetic drugs, the emphasis of the pharmacist’s responsibility has moved substantially towards the utilization of scientific knowledge in the proper use of modern medicines. Use of medication in safety and protective way. There are long job radius where Pharmacists are engaged such as-
  •  Pharmaceutical Industry- Here Pharmacists takes part in Production, Quality Control, Quality Assurance activity.
  • They are also involved in community pharmacy and as a dispensing pharmacist.
  • Some pharmacist is involved in regulatory control as drug inspector
  • The pharmacist can also involve in academic activities like Teaching and also in training purpose of other health workers.
  • Research fields- where they are involved in research related activity related to new drug molecule, clinical trial etc.
The ultimate goal of this profession is to optimize drug treatment and also optimize the way of treatment. They are providing information and advice to those who prescribe or use pharmaceutical products. Pharmacy is a profession there is a wide scope & opportunities are as follows.

Community pharmacy

Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy Profession A community pharmacy can be defined as a place where medicine can be specially compounded according to patient needs. hospital pharmacy. A business-minded Pharmacist can open a retail pharmacy, A large community pharmacy can engage many pharmacists.

Wholesale Pharmacy

Wholesale distribution is also a big opportunity for a pharmacist. When the distribution of drugs other than patient or consumer this is called Wholesale distribution. Although such kind of business can do 10th standard people. But this is more specific for Pharma Professionals.

Industrial Pharmacy

Pharmaceutical industry offers a great opportunity to the pharmacist to all educational leaves like D.Pharm, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, Pharm.D., PhD etc. Industrial pharmacy provides job to a pharmacist in the following fields.
►Analytical and Quality Control
►Research and Development
►Marketing and Sales
►Formulation & Development

Hospital Pharmacist

This is an art of pharmacy profession where pharmacist engages in choosing of the drug, preparing and storing of the drug, compounding and dispensing of drugs and also they provide valuable advice to patients and also other healthcare professionals regarding Pharma. on their safe, effective and efficient use They take a very effective part in this portion.

Nuclear Pharmacy

This is the specified division of pharmacy where pharmacists mainly focus on the use of nuclear medicine and their compounding and dispensing. The aim of Nuclear pharmacy is to produce the radioactive drug and use for diagnosis and therapy.

Drug Inspector

Scope and Opportunity of Pharmacy Profession
This is such a royal, respective and responsible for a pharmacist. Minimum qualification is B. Pharma. After completion of B. Pharma after lots of evaluation, a pharmacist can be select for this post. Any person in this post has authority to control medicine distribution system in retail pharmacy and also in pharmaceutical organizations.

Sales and Marketing

Anyone with great communication abilities and a wonderful personality can get a chance to be a Medical Sales Representative (MR Occupation).

Except for the above professions, we have many ways like as
 Drug Control Administration
 Organization Management
● Pharmaceutical Journalism● Clinical trials Internet pharmacy
 Consultant pharmacy● Military pharmacy● Pharmacy informatics

Such services include a thorough analysis of all medication like as prescription, non-prescription, and herbals. As a result, ultimately reconnection between patient and medication and also increase the health output.


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