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Happy World Pharmacist Day

25th September, 'World Pharmacist Day'

   International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), this is a global federation which represents a huge number of Pharmacist and Pharmaceutical researcher globally. In the year 2009 meeting of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in Istanbul, Turkey. Then Turkish Pharmacists Association proposed to celebrate World Pharmacists Day on September 25. This September 25 is the day when the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) was founded in the year of 1992.
After that without any opposition, this was accepted by the council in the year 2010.*

world pharmacist day

Appeal to the people:

Please Identify pharmacists and know the health workers of the public

Who is the Pharmacist
Those who are the drug inventors, pharmaceutical makers, dynamics, quality judges, Drugs Side effects and Pharmacist provide medicines and its related advice to the patient. One word we can say, Pharmacist is the Fine medicine specialist.

What is the advantage of taking Medicine from the pharmacist:
  •   Explain the simple way. When and how the medication should be taken according to the prescription.
  •  Some foods should be eaten with the medicine while some are not. Because of the presence of some food some medicine may lose their action.
  • What are the problems that may arise after taking this medication and what to do for this a  Pharmacist can tell what to do.
  • A pharmacist can give the correct information about proper storage condition of drugs or medicine.
  •  The only pharmacist can correct  any unwanted errors in the prescription by maintaining a proper contact with the doctor

 Your Pharmacist is always ready to serve you:

world pharmacist day

  •  For seeking advice from a Pharmacist does not require any money
  • According to law, the Pharmacist is the only law recognized person to provide medicines to the patient. If the medicine is not used properly and safely, then life-saving medicine may cause the death of people.

  • It is mandatory to have a pharmacist in all pharmacy stores so you can buy medicine nearest Pharmacy. Take medicine only from the shop pharmacist. Your life is yours so you can understand the value of life. Do not give your life to any ignorant.
  • The unnecessary use of Antibiotics is now one of the main cause of human death. So, be careful about this.

Let's all of us proud today, for September 25, "WORLD PHARMACISTS.DAY ". All of us should take an oath for a better and healthy World.



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