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Importance and Interesting Fact of Pharmacy Profession

The fact of Pharmacy Profession

Akash Sharma

(M. Pharma, Pharmacology), Associate Professor, Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIPS)

  Pharmacy is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs.  It is the profession which ensure the patient’s health and which provide knowledge about diseases and their management.
A person who interested to join this profession can begin with D. Pharmacy/B. Pharmacy and can go for higher education. The graduation in pharmacy helps to understand different aspects of this field and to develop skills in this profession.
Different subjects in this field help to understand the identification, isolation, formulation, characterization and uses of medicines. The testing of chemical molecules also helps develop their chemical as well as mechanical skills.

Importance and Interesting Fact of Pharmacy Profession

The pharmacy practice includes compounding and dispensing of a dosage form. The dose calculation and identification of disease condition also come under their responsibility. Therapeutic drug monitoring is a new approach to treatment and shows their effort for the field.
Interesting facts about the pharmacy profession is that it is a kind of social service which basically deals with diseases. The pharmacy profession is not only manufacturing of drugs, it is a branch which isolates, identify, compound, test and dispenses the drugs. Pharmaceutical companies offer the pharmacy students, research scholars and scientist to understand this field and to make better treatment in India as well as in abroad also.
The scope of pharmacy begins with teaching because the person (Pharmacist) is a lifelong learner and also a lifelong earner.  Pharmaceutical industries are better option to make your own canvas with research, development and production of new molecules.
Pharmaceutical industries not only formulate the drug, also helps to test and identify the drug. Different departments in pharmaceutical are the production of a drug, quality control and quality assurance of drug, research & development of drug, clinical research of drug, pharmacovigilance and pharmacoeconomics and last but not the least marketing of a drug. 

Importance and Interesting Fact of Pharmacy Profession

Another field or primary option for pharma person is the medical store. The person who operates the store should be a registered pharmacist or druggist & chemist. Store monitored by the pharmacy council of India. PCI is divided state wise so we can simplify state pharmacy council. 
Hospital is the key area for pharmacist working because he/she is the only person who everything about disease and medicine. Hospital pharmacist is the very important person who plays role in hospital formulary. He/She is the only person who directly guides the patients for their treatment. Hospital pharmacist separately appointed person in every hospital (civil hospitals, railway hospitals, army hospitals, navy hospitals, etc.).
Pharmacist or we can say registered pharmacist is the person who is expert in the use of medicine. He/She is the only person who always interacts with the patient and continuously monitors the treatment.
Patient counselling is the first of treatment by which pharmacist or simply we can say hospital pharmacist collects the information through patient which includes current information about a patient like age, sex, body weight and history about a disease, other patient-related data.

Interesting fact about the pharmacy profession is, it is the field for discovery. A person who wants to join this profession can discover new molecule for disease, can discover a new way to treat the disease. This field helps to grow your future with inventions. 

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