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Role of Pharmacist in different fields

Different Role of Pharmacist

Akash Sharma

(M. Pharma, Pharmacology), Associate Professor, Sagar Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIPS)                                     

Role of Pharmacist

   A pharmacist is a person who is directly involved in the patient-oriented system, it may be patient counselling or maybe compounding and dispensing of the medicine. The role of the pharmacist is depended on the area where he/she works as a professional. A pharmacist is the only person who can identify patient-related as well as treatment-related problems. Diagnosis is the separate department for the ruling of his/her working professionals.
Pharmacists are always ready to share his/her view and knowledge in the medical system through:
    By performing best drug therapy with respect to therapeutic response and focus on drug interactions and side effects.

  •     Providing best treatment for various conditions.
  •    Helps to educate and promote health care system for the public.
  •     Provide emergency for first aid care as required.

The briefing in the role of pharmacist includes regulatory control and management, community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, academic activity, and other health care system.
Regulatory control and drug management is the field which deals with all the legal aspect of the health care system. Pharmacist plays role in this field which follows regulations and legal aspects according to the NDA, INDA, FDA and WHO.
Community pharmacy is the kind of health care system which provides treatment at its best level. The community pharmacist is the person who manages the health care system for the public. They provide medicine according to the prescription and monitor. They also monitor non-prescription therapy which comes under legal conditions. They also have undertaken the task of managing the quality health care system.

Role of pharmacist

Industrial pharmacy or we can simply say pharmaceutical industries are the key area for the pharmacist, in which he/she can identify, isolate, compound, dispense and sell the drug according to the need of the system. Pharmaceutical industries having a different area of work which includes production, QC, QA, R&D, marketing division and clinical research. These all areas are the reserve for pharmacists who have the best knowledge of all the related fields. Thousand of pharmaceutical companies (small scale and MNCs) are there and they provide the best platform for the pharmacist to show the talent and rule the world.

Academic activities for a pharmacist are to share their views and experiences with other and to makes society healthy. These kinds of fields not only helps to educate and promote the students or new generations towards the pharmacy also helps to develop the different area of research, making platform of sharing the view through seminars/conferences and to make ideals for the medical system.

The basic requirement to join the hospital or clinical pharmacy or any other health care system, you have understood the basic needs of this system. Pharmacy is the very wide field for the medical system, which we cannot explain in one word because it is the world of the medical system. People have to understand the field of pharmacy and have to make possibilities to develop the system.

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