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Introduction Profession Pharma

Profession Pharma


       We have started Profession Pharma 5 years ago, that time our purpose was to unite Pharma and Pharma, related professionals. That's why we have build Profession Pharma page on facebook. there is a great response from the page from this page now we are planning to build a complete pharma web portal to empower young brother and sister by providing them various facility.

In every field, they have to required like in the time of their study after completing their study job assistant, research assistant, study material, research-based materials, books and e-books are available here.

Pharma Profession is a great profession, the pharmacist may be the backbone of the Healthcare system. They can play a great role towards a healthy nation if we nurture them properly.

In our website, we will try to cover the different topic so that our young brother and sister and also our society can get benefited from this.

About our site:

There are the different section in our web portal like-

  1. Our service section: This section we will try cover students care, (further in Student care there are e-books, projects works and daily question and answer related topics.) Drugs interaction, Pharma jobs, Pharma articles.
  2. Pharma news section: Here we try to serve you latest pharma related news, research and technology updates.
  3. Knowledge zone pharma related knowledge will be shared, you can also share your knowledge related to Pharmacy.
  4. Documentation here we will work with different documents which are required in the Pharmacy field.
  5. Public awareness,  our society is very important to us, that's why in this section we will try to create some article likes Adulteration, Antibiotic abuse etc. which may aware our society.
  6. Pharma shopping: In this portion, we will provide some facility related to buying of different Pharma related books, Instrument, reagent, e-books etc.
  7. In Hindi language option we will try to post some of our regular items translated to Hindi.

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